Best Blooms to Have in Your Beach Wedding Event

What Flowers to Decorate Your Beach Wedding?

Summer is the best time for an outdoor wedding, and the natural beauties of the beach allows the bride and groom to create an event that reflects their personalities. Beach weddings may range from casual to elegant, but they are always very romantic — especially when the beautiful setting is complemented with natural textures and colorful floral accents. The following décor concepts are perfect for a beach wedding, and most will translate perfectly to other outdoor wedding venues as well.

All About WeddingCeremonial Space

Incorporating elements that look as if Mother Nature left them there is key for a beach wedding. An arch or chuppah made of bamboo or aged wood can be dressed in flowing chiffon for a romantic touch. Adorning your structure with an array of colorful orchids such as cymbidiums, makaras, phalaenopsis, dendrobiums or vandas will give your ceremonial space an elegant yet tropical feel.

Aisle Style

First, consider if you’ll be walking down the aisle barefoot or in heels, as this decision will determine the right surface for your aisle runner. If you’re a barefoot bride, a simple sprinkling of white dendrobium-orchid blossoms along the sand will delicately define the sides of the aisle. If you plan to wear shoes, place wooden boards down the aisle and have them professionally covered with mats of bear grass. The wood will create stability and still stay in keeping with the natural surroundings.

Reception Seating

A unique twist on traditional seating cards — and a great keepsake for guests — is to opt for large sand dollars with guests’ names calligraphed on them. Placing them in a wooden box filled with sand and set beside a lush floral display of cymbidium or phalaenopsis orchid blooms is a stunning presentation and a great way to dress up the seating-card table.

Table Décor

Bringing elements from the beach to the table is a beautiful way to decorate. Bamboo-and-chiffon canopies set over each settee allow you to hang candles and shells from the frames for a perfect complement to starry surroundings. Napkins wrapped in pieces of lily grass and knotted with seashells look lovely topped by single orchid blossoms, and cylinders filled with sand and pillar candles will complement any floral arrangement. A color palette of flowers in sunset tones such as tangerine, sunshine yellow, and citrine green is bright and vibrant; for a softer look, choose subtle shades of soft blue hydrangea, blush Sahara roses, and creamy white tulips.

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