Choosing wedding Shoes for Your Special Day

Comprehensive Wedding Shoe Tips

Every bride-to-be loves a new pair of shoes for their wedding. Shoes are just as important as the wedding dress. It is one of the most exciting parts of your bridal look. Using the right shoes will make your journey memorable and comfortable. In choosing wedding shoes their things that you need to take into consideration ensure your shoes are comfortable and perfectly complement your wedding dress and personal style!

Bridal ShoesQuality

Just like your dress and accessories, shoes should have high quality in order to survive the day. We are also talking the price here. Basically, those cheap wedding shoes don’t last any longer. They may be made from low quality materials. Sticking to the budget is fine but keep in mind that shoes are investment too. Don’t think that shoes is just a waste of money. Think about it, when you purchased an expensive yet durable shoes, you can still use that for other formal occasions. Also, those high quality shoes are comfortable to wear because they are hand crafted in order to protect the feet of the bride. Don’t let the sore feet ruin your special day.  On the other hand, good quality shoes don’t have to break the bank.


Since you will be on your feet all day, it is crucial to wear proper height of heels. Though the heels may depend on you but you should bear in your mind that no matter how comfortable the shoes are it will still hurt your feet if you are wearing too much height. Basically, the most ideal and comfortable heels that can go within a day is 4 inches. If you are those brides who are quite conservative and are not used of wearing high heels a pair of flat shoes can be opt. No matter how used you are with high heels don’t be tempted to go much higher than what you normally wear and what you’re use to. Because it will not just make you suffer it may also cause an accident. You are not walking in a runway so it is important to wear shoes that can glide you down that aisle with elegance and grace.


The size is one of the common mistakes that everyone commit when choosing shoes. For some brides that can’t find suitable size it is recommended to go up rather than to go down. It is advisable to go up because your feet will swell as the day goes on, which means they will begin to expand and will occupy the space in your shoes. The thing is, if you will opt for something smaller it will just make your feet hurt.

Wear the shoes

No matter how comfortable you are during with your new pair of shoes it would still hurt you once it starts rubbing your feet. It is advisable to wear them up to soften the interior of the shoes. You could probably do it while at home. It will also help you to familiarize how to walk with comfort and grace using the shoes.

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