Delicious Houston Pies That Are Perfect for Summer Wedding

Summer Wedding Pies

Summer is perfect time for wedding. Apart from venue and catering you should also need to plan for your dessert. One of the most perfect desserts that you can have is the wedding pies in Houston, TX. Why pies are perfect for summer? Simply because during this season the market is flooded with fresh fruits. What else can you make with these fruits? A delicious pie! You have a lot of options, from granny’s apple pie to gourmet berry pies. You can never go wrong with this dessert. Surely your guests will love each pie they will eat.

1Below are some popular wedding pies in Houston, TX that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Peach Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Peaches are very popular during summer they are perfect with vanilla ice cream to cool down but how about peach pie with ice cream on top? What can you ask for with this kind of dessert? Let the rich flavor of cinnamon, peach, and vanilla extract to combine in a pie and let the taste bud riot. This dessert is loved by everyone especially when topped with ice cream on a hot summer.

Blackberry Pie

Who don’t love berries? When you serve blackberry pie to your guests they will surely love it. Bake it with lots of blackberry filling and crispy yet fluffy crust. To add kick you can put some drops of lemon juice and vanilla essence. The citrusy taste is perfect for the summer heat.

Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie

Another combination that work perfectly during summer. This wedding pie in Houston, TX is irresistible because of its flavor. Strawberry and rhubarb is perfect to incorporate with cardamom. This also perfect complement with tea.

Whatever wedding pie in Houston, TX you want to have for your wedding it is crucial to use of fruits that are available. In this case you will be able to assure that the pies are delicious and fresh. Apart from this you know that the pies are affordable due to available of ingredients. If you are unable to bake for yourself then you should find a baker that will provide you with tasty treats. You may want to include this in your wedding planning. One of the best baker that can provide you with this treat is the 3brothers. You may want to consider checking their online store to know what other treats that you can have from them.

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