Difference of Box to Round Layered Wedding Cakes in Austin TX

Box Layered Wedding Cakes

Box layered wedding cakes in Austin TX are much better compared to round layered wedding cakes because it has a bigger capacity when it comes to the number of slices it could serve. The shape of a rectangle or square basically shows a much bigger surface area allowing more slices and decorations to be put up.

wedding cakesWedding cakes in Austin TX with theme are best prepared in a box shape because it is easier to utilize compared to a round shape scheme. A box layered cake can occupy multiple layers without the tendency of falling off. The box cake has a bigger and better foundation compared to the round cakes. Stretched and skewed box cakes can be made with precision without the fear of falling off. The boxes can be placed in different manners and in different positions to create a modern type of design.

A modern designed wedding cake are composed of sharp edges and very strong colors making the boxed type wedding cakes fit for this kind of design. For themed wedding cakes, the boxed type cakes are the easiest to manage. They can be shaped into whatever type of design the baker would like. The edges of the boxed wedding cake are the best to design and use given the fact that it has a very hard yet versatile and transformable shape. You can also ask your catering services for referrals for you to get a discount.

Creative themed wedding cakes such as superhero cakes, neon’s, silver and gold cakes, eccentric shaped cakes, couple miniature version themes. With all sense of practicality, boxed wedding cakes are the best to have during weddings because of their affordable prize, chic design, amazing versatility and the large number of slices. The maximum number of slices in a multiple layered box, square or rectangle wedding cake takes about 700 to 800 slices.

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