Gourmet Houston Wedding Cheesecakes Served in Style

Perfect Wedding Cheesecakes

Whether you gonna bake your own wedding cheesecakes in Houston, TX or place an order from your favorite baker or caterer it is crucial that you serve this dessert in style. They say first impression last, you should not just focus on the taste of the wedding cheesecakes in Houston, TX. You need to assure that they look good so that your guests will be encourage to taste it. There are couple of things that you need to consider when choosing wedding cheesecakes in Houston, TX.

2It is crucial that you will choose the right size of the wedding cheesecakes in Houston, TX for your event. This is very important so that you will not run out of the dessert or lots of leftovers. If you are going to have an intimate wedding then five-pound wedding cheesecakes in Houston, TX is perfect it can cater 12 big slices and can be split which is best for 15-20 guests. Another perfect size for 12-15 guess is the three-pound which can be slice into 12. Any of this two will be perfect for huge number of people because not all will be interested with sweets. If you are going to have 100 guests you just need to have 7-8 pies which means a lot of savings compared to having a multi-tier wedding cake. However if you aim to give this cakes as favor then you may want to consider mini cheesecakes than can be pack into a to-go box. Each mini cheesecake weigh five ounces. Keep in mind that mini cheesecake is different from snack size.

Your wedding cheesecakes in Houston, TX should not just taste good it should look good too. It is crucial to serve it with style. You can place them in a decorative tray or plates. You can also garnish them with fresh fruits or whip cream. You can use various shapes to mold the cheesecake. Keep in mind that you cut the cheesecake when it is already cold or else it will crumble. You will get clean slices if you will do this. However, it should not be frozen. If this is the case you should thaw the cheesecake by leaving it in a room temperature. If you have leftovers you can freeze it and it could still last for 5 months.  It is important that you will freeze it right away to prevent it from spoiling.

No matter what the wedding cheesecakes in Houston, TX are made of you can never be wrong with this dessert. It will add excitement and fun to your wedding.

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