Handy Tips for Wedding Catering in Boston, MA to Save Money

How You Can Easily Save Some Money on Your Catering?

catering2It’s a pretty much undisputed fact that weddings aren’t cheap — but your catering bill is one of those areas where your budget might just start to feel stretched. Between providing a delicious meal, desserts, drinks and china, many wedding catering estimates can quickly run over if you’re not careful! So how do you provide a great dining experience for your guests without spending more than you want? You do your due diligence and research of course! Here are some handy tips for how to save money on wedding catering in Boston, MA that can’t hurt too.


Googling wedding caterers in your area might just be a mistake, especially if you’re looking for a creative and cost-effective vendor to serve your wedding day food. Look past the traditional catering companies and try local food trucks, farmer’s market stands, or even your favorite cafe or restaurant. There are many food providers in the area who will create a beautiful meal for you and your guests without the obligatory wedding markup, all it takes to find them is some due diligence!


Maybe you’d like your wedding day and the high school lunch line to be as far apart in the similarity scale as possible. But if we’re going to be realistic, a buffet at your wedding really is one of the most economic ways to serve all your wedding guests a good meal without blowing the bank. And let’s face it — your guests aren’t going to think twice about a wedding buffet; it’s so common that it honestly doesn’t even warrant a second thought!


Who says your wedding day meal has to have hors d’oeuvres, a salad, entree and dessert? It’s your big day, so it can honestly be whatever you want! One good way to get around the cost of serving a whole meal is to time your wedding at a non-meal part of the day — brunch for a morning wedding, heavy hors d’oeuvres or even a dessert reception are all totally appropriate options if you have a wedding ceremony and reception at a non-dinner time of day.


Caterers come in all shapes and sizes — and this is reflected in the final estimated invoice you’ll get after talking over a potential menu with a caterer. Make sure to shop around at least a few different catering vendors before making a decision on who to go with. You’d be surprised by the range of prices offered in some wedding catering in Boston, MA!

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