How to Balance Your Wedding Floral Budget?

Tips to Consider on Your Floral Costs

Do you prefer flowers to be footloose and fancy-free or tightly coiffed? It depends on your own style whether you do your flowers or not. It is your wedding after all and you get to decide which the perfect style is. The style of bouquets and arrangements you choose should complement the overall tone of the wedding. Remember that centerpieces shouldn’t interfere with conversation. Keep arrangements low to the table or tall and slim. Consider these tips for balancing the floral budget:


Put a twist on tradition

Everything doesn’t have to come up rose at a wedding. Conventional wedding flowers, such as white roses, tulips, and gardenias, tend to be more expensive than other blooms. Find a flower or florists that will set your wedding apart from others. Big blooms, such as peonies and hydrangeas, can cover a lot of ground. Lily-of-the-valley is nice for simple, hand-tied bouquets.


Like so many things in life, it’s the cost of labor that adds up. To minimize floral charges, choose simple arrangements. Hand-tied bouquets, for example, are less costly than more elaborate ones requiring plastic holders – and they work for both formal and casual weddings. You can really have it in a simple way and lessen the cost as well.

Go off the beaten path

If your city has a wholesale floral shop, you can snag some good deals and have a great selection. Many discount and grocery stores also have a nice floral selection, usually at cheaper rates than a traditional florist. Get the names of people who sell flowers at a weekly farmer’s market too; you might be able to strike a deal with them.

Consider color

White flowers are sophisticated and are a symbol of purity, and many white flowers emit wonderful fragrances. Depending upon the type of white bloom, it takes more of them to make an impact. White flowers also are less forgiving of wilting, showing brown edges more readily than other colors. As such, don’t be afraid to add another jolt of color to the setting with a budget bloom that complements the wedding scheme.

Rent them

If you’ve awed at a stage or special-events tent that was dressed to the nines, you might be surprised to find out the beauty came from renting. Ask a florist or special events planner if you can rent bouquets, greenery, and vases. Alternatively, borrow items that can be used as vases and/or pots from family and friends to save money – mom’s pitcher collection, one favorite piece from your closest friends, and so forth. Also, you can check your wedding caterer if they also offer such service.

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