Tips to Indicate the Children are Not Invited to the Wedding Ceremony

How to Let Your Guests Know that Children are Not Invited

Aside from wedding catering you also need to plan your venue. The decision to whether invite or not to invite children on your wedding ceremony and reception is one of the most crucial decisions that you’ll ever make while planning your wedding. There is no right or wrong answer to this question because ultimately, it’s your personal choice.

In case you have decided not to invite children on your wedding event, there are ways to indicate to your guests that children are not invited.

Basically, there are two ways you can let the guests know about your preference. One is through the subtle way, while the other is telling it straight to the point. A couple of the subtle ways is by addressing the adults only or by only including in your RSVP the number or names of those you are inviting.

But the problem with subtly indicating that children are not invited is that there’s a risk that the couple might assume that their kids are part of the package deal in the invitation. And this can lead to misunderstandings especially when the parents find out in the last minute that their children can’t attend the wedding event.

Telling your guests straight to the point about your preference can actually save you a lot of trouble. Informing them simply and directly will help you avoid confusion and unnecessary additional arrangements. Indicate somewhere in your wedding invitation that children are not invited to the ceremony or reception. You may use undeviating statements such as “Adults Only,” “Strictly No Children Please or” “This invitation is extended to adults only.”

If you want to sugar coat your indication, you can make it appear that the decision to not invite the children is someone elses. For instance, you can say that it was because of the restriction at the venue or due to the management’s request.

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