Wide Selection of High Rise Wedding Venue in Chicago IL

Comprehensive Selection of Wedding Venues

Picking high rise wedding venue in Chicago, IL and a sumptuous catering services for the big day can be fun. When planning a wedding, the couple should be creative and respectful to the preference of one another. It is also recommended not to over think it just to make it more special. Too much pressure can ruin what is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. Chicago is filled with great places to get married.

Wedding Venue

For the contemporary style, a fashionable hotel and café will do. Chicago has a wide selection of fancy hotels, restaurants and bars where couples can get married luxuriously. Classy destinations like the Fulton’s on the River or Café Brauer are perfect venues to host weddings. Both have plenty of spaces for dancing and for decorations

A high rise wedding venue in Chicago, IL also has a historical venue like the Chicago History Museum, Cathedral Hall located at the University Club of Chicago, Chicago Public Library, Germania Place and The Murphy. Chicago History Museum was voted as the best place to be wed in this city.

Whether indoors or outdoors, wedding with the view of Gold Coast on the side and Lincoln Park on the other knows how to complement each other. With sky high ceilings, crystal chandelier and ornate Victorian architecture, this place looks dreamy for the ceremony. There are also affordable wedding venues in Chicago where you can choose from.

Inviting only 50 people for the event, an intimate wedding is a great option. With smaller groups of people attending, Chicago has many spectacular small spaces like the Prairie Productions, City Winery Chicago, Pittsfield Building and Hotel Public Chicago. These venues have stunning views of the city and great interiors to match it.

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