Winter Wedding Treats From Your Wedding Catering in San Diego, CA

What to Serve in a Winter-Themed Wedding

cateringMany couples love a seasoned wedding. You know, meaning being “in the season”. Winter wedding is just one of the most favorite theme for future wedded couples. More and more couples love a winter wedding because of its cool idea and one of a kind wedding theme. Wedding caterings in San Diego, CA would love to give you ideas for a winter wedding reception ideas which includes the following.

Comforting starters for a winter wedding.

Planning your gown, venue, catering on the wedding is important in a winter wedding. After standing outside for wedding photo session, your bridal party will much appreciate some nice comfort food to make them feel normal again. Request your wedding catering service in San Diego, CA to serve small bowls of stew and dumplings. You can also start with Start winter-friendly snacks like warm breaded cheeses, savory nuts and pear slices. You can also have waiters pass trays of delectable bites, such as spoonfuls of breadcrumb-coated mac and cheese, demi forks of spaghetti and meatballs and winter hors d’oeuvre like shot glasses of hot soup, such as tomato bisque garnished with grilled triangular cheese bites.

Main entrees.

There are plenty of options for a winter main course. Just be aware that not all people will like what you’ll be serving in the table. Make sure that meal is generally mouth-watering for almost all types of taste buds. Think about providing a carvery-style main course where guests can choose from a different range of meats and vegetables and help themselves. A roast dinner is a great choice for a winter wedding. Come entree time, classic filet mignon continues to be a favorite, but in place of roasted spuds on the side. You might also consider having a risotto cake, a purple potato pancake, or wasabi whipped potatoes.

Hot Desserts.

If you’re not yet feeling warmed up by the end of meal, try a good hot dessert. Pies and tarts work well for winter, and can be a great opportunity to share a family recipe with your guests. If you’ll have access to a fireplace, create s’mores kits or set up a s’mores bar. When it comes to your cake, opt for rustic-looking cakes with wintry details.

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